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Dataset for Fluoride measurements

Svetislav Videnovic — Feb 02, 2017 01:30PM AEDT

I received new Fluoride electrodes and they work fine with the Bluebox. The only problem is that the values recorded in Datasets are displayed in pH values only making Datasets useless for Fluoride or other Ion selective measurement.
We will work around this by recording the values manually in the lab book.


1 Community Answers

Shane Cox - Feb 02, 2017 at 06:07PM AEDT

Instrument Works Support Guru

Hi Sveto - good news that they new Fluoride electrodes worked. We've got some of the new design in and are meeting with our suppliers next week to test them. So should be able to supply the new units in the next few weeks.

in terms of the results. A couple of quick things.
1. I assume that you have turned pH in to report back at a mV value. You can do that from the setting screen.
2. When you export the data - it should give you both the pH and the raw mV value. You could ignore the pH and just use the mV number.

To be honest - we hadn't thought through the ISE use case when we designed the pH meter. Its something we are going to look in to


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