Using the Map Screen

Map Screen

After tapping the location aware indicator on the main screen, you will be taken to the map screen.

The map screen is powered by google maps, and shows your current position (blue dot), as well as any created locations. 

If you are currently at a location, it will be highlighted in blue. 

If you move away from the currently active location you will leave it's radius and the icon will change to grey. The radius of a location is 20 metres. In the case of being within the radius of two locations, your active location will be the closest one to your current position. 

Tapping on a location icon that is not your current active location will turn the icon red and bring up the location information at the bottom of the page. If you tap on your currently active location, the location information will still appear, but the icon will stay blue. 

The location information shows the selected location's name, and the distance between it and your current position. 

Viewing Extended Location Information
Tapping or swiping up on the location information pane at the bottom of the screen will expand it to show more information.

Here the longitude and latitude of the selected location is shown. 

On the shown example to the right, you can see that the selected location is also the currently active location, meaning that the icon is blue and not red. 


Editing Location Name
1. After opening the extended location information pane, tap on the location name.

2. A keyboard will appear allowing you to enter a new location name. 

3. When finished, tap done and the location name will be saved. This location name will be used when exporting data and on the map screen. 



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