Interval Recording

Setting up Interval Recording

1. Touch and hold the record button for approximately two seconds; until the interval record pop-up box appear.
2. Turn the interval record button to on, select a sample rate in seconds, and the number of samples required for your interval recording.
Note; the number of samples does not have to be specified, and the interval will run until manually stopped. 

3. The interval run time will be calculated for you, please ensure you have ample battery life for the interval.  

4. Lastly select the view you would like; 
Instructions, samples remaining or time remaining.  
Select done. 

Button Displays:

Instruction - will simply display stop, indicating the button action.
Samples - will count down the number of samples left in the set, if no number of samples has been set this will count up. Time -  will display a count down of the seconds between the samples

Running the Interval Recording

1. Once the interval has been set up the record button will switch to orange.

2. To start, tap the record button; the first value of your interval will be taken and the view of the button will switch to your selected view of instruction, time remaining or samples remaining. 

3. The interval will then run, the button will pulse to indicate the interval is running, saving the data points to the currently selected dataset.
4. To stop the interval recording tap the record button again.

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