Calibrating your Sensor Tag

Calibrating your Sensor Tag

DataWorks enables you to calibrate the magnetometer and gyroscope for your Sensor Tag, with a simple one-touch procedure. 

1. Open the menu bar for the Sensor Tag by tapping on the instrument on the main page. 

2. Tap calibrate in the menu bar. 

3. You are taken to the calibration page, here will be two clearly labeled buttons for the calibration process. 
Calibrating the Sensor Tag for the Magnetometer and Gyroscope, will make its current physical position 0 for the X, Y, Z components.

4. To calibrate, simply tap the Calibrate Magnetometer and/or Calibrate Gyroscope, this will zero the components within seconds.
To ensure it has been calibrated, leave the Sensor Tag stationary, and check the values on the main page are 0.  

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