Problem Potential Solutions

I can't see my instrument in the scan window.

​Ensure both Bluetooth on your smart device is switched on and that the instrument is scanning. 

My instrument is advertising but not connecting.

Restart your smart device, and go through the connection process again. 

DataWorks doesn't recognise my instrument.

We are testing with a small number of instruments at the moment, please email us at - and we will work on getting your instrument connected with DataWorks

The values for my instrument are not updating on the main page.

Deselect and reconnect the instrument. 

My instrument keeps disconnecting.

High occurrence of disconnecting can happen when the batteries in your instrument are low. Please change the batteries to fix this. 

I want to change the units of my data

The current version of DataWorks doesn't include this feature. 

pH calibration
I've calibrated the instrument but DataWorks tells me it is not suitable.

Check your calibration solutions
Check your probe, it may be faulty. 
Error Messages  
The instrument has been disconnected, either it has switched off or gone out of range.

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