Setting up Datasets

Create and manage multiple datasets easily. Allowing you to switch quickly between them, when collecting results, for example when sampling from multiple points.

View all your Datasets

‚Äč1. Tap Datasets on your main page

2.  This will take you to the datasets list page, here you can manage your datasets; you can create new datasets, select existing datasets and delete old datasets.
3. The currently selected dataset is highlighted grey, to change selected dataset tap another dataset from the list or create new dataset

Create new Datasets

1. To create a new dataset, tap the plus sign at the top right corner.

2. DataWorks enables you to name the new dataset, add notes to it and turn on Location Aware for your dataset.
Once you have set up your dataset, tap done.
3. Now you have created a new dataset, to use this, tap the dataset in the list.

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