States of Connection

In the DataWorks scanning window, discovered instruments appear in a number of states based on whether they have been discovered, are available or connected. The possible states are;
This instrument is not available to connect to. Please turn the instrument into scan mode or contact us to get your instrument recognised in DataWorks.

‚ÄčThis instrument is ready to be connected to, tap the instrument to connect.

Selected and Connected
You are ready to begin using your instrument.

Selected and Disconnected
This instrument is available to connect to, it has been selected but not connected. The instrument may have dropped connection, but is available to reconnect. Tap the interment in the scan window to either reconnect or deselect.
Selected, Disconnected and Unavailable
This instrument is currently unavailable to connect to but is selected. Please turn the instrument back on to scan mode and reconnect or deselect the instrument.



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