Connecting Wireless Instruments

Connecting Instruments to your Device

1. Make sure Bluetooth on your iPhone, iPad or iPod is switched on. To do this go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap the button on.
2. Turn the wireless instrument on and ensure that it is advertising and is connectable. (For instructions turning on the BlueBox-pH go here)
3. Touch the reveal button to open the scan window, this will automatically scan for instruments. If this doesn’t work please ensure Bluetooth on your device is switched on, and/or drag down in the scan window to rescan. Scanning takes approximately 3 seconds and a list of available instruments will appear at the end of the scanning process.

4. If your instrument does not appear at the end of the scanning period, scan again, by dragging down on the scan window. If it continues to not show, see the troubleshooting section for more help.
   5. To connect to the instrument, tap the instrument in the scan window. The device will attempt to connect to the instrument you have selected. A tick icon will appear indicating it has successfully connected. If it is unable to connect after 5 seconds a black cross will appear. See troubleshooting for help with connecting to instruments. Once connected the instrument will also appear on your main page.

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